Procedures and Precautions of Hong Kong Company Registration in 2012

Procedures and Precautions of Hong Kong Company Registration in 2012
The key point of Hong Kong company formation is clear understanding the procedures and precautions of company registration in Hong Kong, so that can quickly and easily conduct business. The following is the latest guide to the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong in 2012, as reference for people in need.

Conditions of the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong
•At least one shareholder and one director over 18 years old
•A Hong Kong residents have a Hong Kong permanent identity or authorized as a company secretary
•A registered address in Hong Kong

Required Documents of Hong Kong Company Registration
1. The Chinese and English name of the company or the single Chinese or English name
2. The ID card or passport copies of Shareholders and directors
3. The company registered address
4. ID card copies of the legal secretary, if secretary is the company, then need to provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate

Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong, and the time required

•Sign up for the new Hong Kong Limited company takes about 10 days
•Purchase off-the-shelf Hong Kong company (i.e. shell company) takes about 2 days
•Select electronic “easy-registered” registration, will take about 1 day

Hong Kong Company Registration Procedures
1. Submit relevant information: Hong Kong registered company required information submitted by the customer
2. Signed a commission contract and pay: signed principal- agent contract by the client and agency, the parties of agreement need to fulfill related matters, and to pay related fees to the agent
3. Signed the documents: the full set of documents signed by all the shareholders and directors of the newly registered company registered in Hong Kong
4. Approval by the Government of Hong Kong: agents assist customers to submit the signed registration documents to the Hong Kong Government for approval
5. After the approval by, customer can receive the full set of documents of the company or sent to the customer by the agency designated locations. More information registration.html
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