Hongkong lawyer notarization procedure rules

Hongkong lawyer notarization procedure rules The people's Republic of China Ministry of justice order No. 72 The first general chapter is Article 1 in order to regulate the processing procedures, ensure the quality of notarization, according to the" Interim Regulations of the people", develop the rule. The second notary office based on facts and laws, regulations, rules, independent notarization affairs, no other units or individuals, illegal interference. Third laws, regulations, rules and regulations should be adopted in the form of legal act notarization and others belong to the notary business matters, the notary office shall give the notarization, but not real, illegal or contrary to the social public interest. The fourth notary shall personally handle notarial affairs, other personnel to assist the notary office notary services. Fifth notaries public notarization affairs, shall keep state secrets and secrets of the parties when. The provisions of the preceding paragraph, the applied contact notarial affairs expert, translator, witnesses and other public officials. The second chapter party The sixth parties of notarization is defined with the notary matters have a legal interest and in their own name to the notary public notarized application in notarization activities, enjoy the rights and assume the obligations of a citizen or legal person. Article seventh person with limited civil capacity of conduct applies for notarization, it shall obtain the consent of its legal representative or by his legal agent; a person without capacity for civil conduct applies for notarization, it shall be handled by its legal representative. Legal person applies for notarization, it shall be handled by its legal representative. The eighth parties, the parties of the legal agent or legal representative, may entrust an agent to apply notary matters, but the bid will, the legacy-support agreement, gift, claim parentage, adoption, the termination of the adoptive, commission, statement, survival and other party person is closely related with the exception of notarization. Notary personnel not acting parties at the notary office applies for notarization. Ninth living abroad or in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan region of the litigant, attorney for notarization, the power of attorney shall be approved by the local notary, notarized Chinese embassies and consulates stationed abroad, or by the Ministry of justice designated institutions, personnel certificate. But the Justice Department unless otherwise stipulated. The third chapter to avoid ( a ) is the notarization the litigant or near relatives; ( two) and the notarization interested; ( three) and the notary matters when the parties have other relationships, may influence the correct permit. The provisions of the preceding paragraph, apply to contact the notarized translation, appraisers and other relevant personnel. If the parties apply for withdrawal, should be made before the notarization. The eleventh notary office director or deputy director of avoidance, the deputy director of Judicial Bureau or decisions, other personnel shall, by notary office director or deputy director decided. To avoid the decision having been made, the notary office shall notify the parties. The fourth chapter tube jurisdiction The twelfth notary matters by the domicile, legal act or fact occurs under the jurisdiction of the notary office. Involving the transfer of immovable property notarization, by the real location of notary office jurisdiction, but wills, trust, a statement involving the transfer of immovable property except. The adoption notarization by adoption or adopted home to the notary office jurisdiction; foreign and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan notarization for the adoption of jurisdiction, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of justice. Article thirteenth the domicile of a number of different parties to jointly apply for a same notarization, must work together to one of the parties of the place of domicile of the notary office for, except for the entrusting notarization, can be entrusted to a party to handle. The fourteenth municipalities directly under the central government, provincial ( autonomous region ) under the notary office and the city, area, county ( city) the notary office between the jurisdiction, by the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government the judicial department (bureau) to determine. If you need more information on Hong Kong company Formation/china company formation/Overseas Company Incorporation or others like china/Hong Kong Taxation,Accounting¡¢Auditing, Hong kong/china Trademark Registration,hangtagBank Account Opening and IPO in hongkong , you can refer to our website http://www.conpak.com
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