Hongkong offshore accounts, offshore accounts mention now

Hongkong offshore accounts, offshore accounts mention now Said the first case, the original operation is a very simple contractual relationship between the parties, the Shanghai company Shanghai direct export declaration, the United States received the goods after direct T / T back home, then temporarily excluding other costs, your company in Shanghai will have a $400000profit, will be the33% tax rate to pay enterprise income tax, excluding other taxable, the tax has been very high, in addition, China still has the foreign exchange control, even if the enterprise has the right to import and export, has US $ account, also have a limit, limit will follow your exports to determine, that is to say more than us $ account foreign exchange call in, still be converted into Renminbi, under foreign exchange loss, instead, import exchange payment, to pay more than $ account out, is to be passed to bank foreign exchange to achieve, then into one, to the enterprise a year down the settlement is a big loss. Now if you have a company in Hongkong, you can use the name of Hongkong company took the United States customers that a $1000000 order, because of your company in Hongkong itself is not involved in the production, it is to the Shanghai company to do a purchasing action, namely the role of intermediaries, purchasing contract amount is generally not less than $600000 in cost, otherwise it will involve a anti-dumping, hypothesis is the 700000contracts and Shanghai sign the contract, then the problem is clear, we will consider trade logistics and fund, said first logistics, goods to still is Shanghai to the United States, the specific operation of your company in Shanghai import and export rights, first held him and Hongkong 's contract to customs, many people will ask, my goods are bought from Shanghai to Hongkong, can be directly shipped to the United States? Here we give customers to explain, my contract above indicates the place of delivery is the United States a port, as long as you specify, go to the customs is no problem. Because I put my freight to there is no any relationship, this is between the two companies business behavior. To declare your goods, quantity, value, transported there, certificate of origin, all the documents complete after the goods, you can give the shipping company, to help you make a SHIPPING action. None of these things, the shipping company is no one dared to take the single to help you out, no customs declaration was smuggling, so when you find the shipping company before, you do well the declaration procedure. After the declaration to shipping companies, freight to your dock port, shipping company shipping container, aboard, buy insurance, sail away. Then the shipping time walk, shipping companies have a receipt to the Shanghai company. Shanghai companies to document courier to the United States of america. But because these single sign above all units are in Hongkong, so he must do an endorsement of the program, also called the reform bill of lading program is changed, a delivery man, then, the customer if asked, that my goods if go to Hongkong instead of the B / L is not very troublesome? In fact, this is not required, the goods not to go to Hongkong, the Hongkong company is your own, this bill of lading is you change. I put the bill to do an endorsement endorsement, I express to the United States the United States documents, customer it to the dock can receive goods. If you need more information on Hong Kong company Formation/china company formation/Overseas Company Incorporation or others like china/Hong Kong Taxation,Accounting¡¢Auditing, Hong kong/china Trademark Registration,hangtagBank Account Opening and IPO in hongkong , you can refer to our website http://www.conpak.com
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