How to use Hongkong entrepot trade reasonable tax avoidance

How to use Hongkong entrepot trade reasonable tax avoidance Entrepot trade operation ( offshore account use) Hongkong has overseas profits, without tax tax regulations, then use the Hongkong company for re-export trade can play a reasonable tax avoidance, the purpose of lowering operation cost, should as far as possible the profits remitted and stay in Hongkong 's offshore accounts. Export it can be operated: For example, your client is an Australian company ABC, your company in Hongkong to Shanghai from your company purchases cost $600000, then sold to the Australian company ABC costs $1000000, here is your company in Hongkong to re-export trade, operating with two contracts, but Shanghai's goods direct to Australia; Australia ABC companies under contract to1000000 payment paid to your account and your company in Hongkong, the Hongkong company and the cost of the cost of $600000paid to your company's registered permanent residence in Shanghai. This played a role to avoid exchange rate losses, especially in the aspects of tax, because the retained Hongkong company $400000profit for overseas profits, so there will be a great save. Import business can reverse operation, before your customers in overseas imported600000the cost of the goods, sales eventually give you other domestic customers 1000000, then your home according to the400000 profit and pay enterprise income tax, but now you can use the Hongkong companies to complete such a business, first of all, to Hongkong on behalf of the company the600000the cost of the goods to buy down, again with a relatively high950000 sold to your domestic own company, eventually selling 100give you the final customer, thus, your home only by 50000pay enterprise income tax, while the other350000profit success remained in Hongkong company account. Bank account You can open in Hongkong ( such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, such as Bank of China ), can also account opened in Shanghai ( such as standard chartered, merchants, traffic, East Asia, Shenzhen Development Bank ). Shanghai opened in this bank account called offshore accounts, it is equivalent to the foreign bank account, account funds can be freely remitted to the domestic, foreign, companies, individuals, no need to submit any government documents, declarations, contracts, equivalent to the individual wallet, foreign exchange free, any payment, including foreign exchange personal the Commission, because it belongs to an offshore account is not subject to foreign exchange control, are not subject to section of your department, international trade settlement such as: LC, TT is very convenient. If you need more information on Hong Kong company Formation/china company formation/Overseas Company Incorporation or others like china/Hong Kong Taxation,Accounting¡¢Auditing, Hong kong/china Trademark Registration,hangtagBank Account Opening and IPO in hongkong , you can refer to our website
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